Thoughts of the week…

01) I’m in the market for some skinny jeans that hit just at the ankle. I’m the perfect height for regular length jeans and never have to get them hemmed but all of my jeans are slightly too long to wear comfortably with ankle boots without too much additional fabric bulk at the ankle.

02) Thanks to Clare for suggesting this song to me in the comments of a previous TOTW post. I’ve been listening to it non-stop all week. DARREN CRISS Y’ALL.

03) I cut all of my hair off.

04) I’m obsessed with wine coloured lipstick at the moment. I wore Chanel’s Rivoli for the first time last weekend, and have NARS Palais Royale on it’s way to me now.

05) I managed to snag front row tickets to a little thing called the Red Tour.

06) I really need to start cutting back on the amount of coffee that I drink. I have two cups of coffee a day, but the coffee I order has 3 shots in it, so…

07) I posted the link to this etsy store last week and I just couldn’t resist picking up this little beauty for myself.


09) I was lucky enough to receive a Clarisonic Mia for review earlier this week and I am obsessed with it. It takes a while to get used to but as someone who is obsessed with exfoliation, this is pretty much skin care perfection.

10) 26 Everyday Occurances In Australia.

6 Thoughts on “Thoughts of the week…

  1. Love your thoughts of the week. The Buzzfeed link was hilarious! And glad you liked the Darren Criss song too πŸ™‚

  2. Yay Clarisonic! Is yours a fun colour or patterned one? The only thing I regret about mine is that because it is the white one it get marks on it really easily. Marks that don’t come off!
    I’m with Clare, love your thoughts of the week.
    I’ve yet to watch the new Star Trek… no one wants to go with me!
    Your hair looks divine! Think of how much less hair product you’ll go through now πŸ˜€
    I adore my skinny jeans from Factorie ( they’re called the Rambler spray-on jean and come in maroon, khaki, and blue ink as well as others. Not sure if they’d hit ankle length on you but I figured it was worth a mention?
    I can’t wait to pick up Chanel Rivoli.

  3. I just gave away a pair of skinny Uniqlo jeans because they were too short! I like extra fabric so I can do a little roll at the ankle – I am not sure who might stock Uniqlo here, because I thrifted my pair (they were brand new if you can believe it). Quality and fit were both great.

    Love love love love your hair – it’s a really pretty length.

    Cannot imagine a world without two coffees a day – you are stronger-willed than I if you can cut back!


    I’ve heard so much praise for the Clarisonic, but I’m a bit phobic of having appliances around my face (I can’t even do an electric toothbrush) – I may have to conquer my fears at some point!

    Also, always love love love your TOTW.


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