May Favourites

01) Clarisonic Mia – For a long time I was on the fence as to whether I wanted to buy one of these for myself, but as luck would have it (and I do realize how lucky I am) I was sent one of these beauties for review at the beginning of May.

02) Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Adventure – This was my go-to lip colour for May and before I stumbled across it in my makeup collection I’d completely forgotten that it existed. This is an easy to wear day to day lip colour and I enjoyed using it throughout the month.

03) Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille Fragrance – This has probably popped up in my favourites quite often, as it is my all time favourite perfume. Like, the best perfume I’ve ever smelled. It’s amazing and I wore it throughout all of May and it made me so happy and I smelt so good.

04) Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Polish in Wine Stain – I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the new Covergirl nail polishes. I wore this for a whole week before the first chip appeared, and even then it was on a fragile part of my nail so I wasn’t even surprised that it had chipped. I’m excited to try the other shades in the collection to see if they match up to the quality of this one.

05) Sephora Fresh Gloss – One of my best friends brought a ‘pick & mix’ bag of Sephora goodies back from Singapore earlier this year, and this was the little treat I pulled out for myself. This is a fairly basic clear gloss but it smells (and tastes) like sweet peppermint, which makes it a real joy to use.

6 Thoughts on “May Favourites

  1. I’ve heard that the covergirl outlast polishes are good 🙂

  2. My nails normally chip in the first 24 hours but I too went a week on the Outlast with only minor tip wear and a tiny chip or two. I was wondering if it was just a one off but appears they are legit good…

  3. I was surprised by the quality of the Covergirl polishes too. That’s a pretty color x

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