Project 100 Pan (part 12)

48) LUSH Cupcake Face Mask – I’ve come to the conclusion that the only LUSH mask I’m ever going to like is Mask of Magnaminty. Unfortunately, every time I visit a store to return my empty pots (in exchange for a free mask) they never have it in stock so I’m forced to play skin care Russian roulette. In this round I discovered that Cupcake does NOT work well with my skin. At all. Side note: it smells good and it made me hungry.

49) Bath + Body Works Apple Crumble Candle – This candle smelled delicious. Like, I could eat this candle. It’s pretty rare for me to not like a Bath + Body Works candle, especially if it’s a gourmand scent and this was no exception.

50) O&M Detox Shampoo – I bought the travel sized version of this product to see whether I liked it enough to purchase the full size. Sadly as much as I love O&M as a brand, I didn’t enjoy using this clarifying shampoo as much as others I’ve tried so I won’t be purchasing the larger bottle.

51) Bath + Body Works Winter Candy Apple Anti-Bacterial Foaming Hand Soap – Yum.

52) MOR Milk Bath Gel – Guys, I am obsessed with this scent range and MOR have discontinued it. The nerve. I IMPLORE YOU TO BRING IT BACK, MOR. BRING IT BACK.