Thoughts of the Week

01) I went to visit my house last weekend and the roof is finally under development. The weather has been wonderful all week, so I’m hoping this means more progress has been made. The next step is electrical and plumbing. Hurry up and be built, little home!

02) Having A Face

03) John Mayer released his new album ‘Paradise Valley’ this week. Say what you will about the man, but his music is beautiful. I find his albums are always the perfect soundtrack for spring/summer and his latest is no exception.

04) Ben says hello!

05) If you’re in the market for a lightweight blouse for when the weather heats up a bit, I highly recommend this one from Topshop.

06) I’ve been catching up on Jen’s vlogs lately and it’s dangerous because she eats the most amazing food and I’m always left with intense food cravings. Lately it’s been pepperoni pizza, garlic bread, and some kind of ice cream/shake combination.

07) I booked my next holiday this week… I’m heading back to Bali next year! Take a look at this post if you’d like a little peek at my last trip to Nusa Dua in Bali.

08) I’ve still not had any luck with finding a dress for my friend’s wedding in October so the hunt continues and I’m feeling a mild sense of panic.

09) This collection of photos of Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston is way too adorable. I can’t stand it.

10) I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned my love for Laura Marling here before, but she’s my favourite female artist. She is simply amazing. I feel so lucky that I’ve seen her perform live. What an inspiration.

7 Thoughts on “Thoughts of the Week

  1. Good news re JM’s new one. I bought it yesterday but still haven’t had a listen.

  2. Ha! Having A Face is brilliant, thanks for that find 🙂

  3. Congrats on your new house’s new roof! I’d love to go to Bali someday but I don’t think I could handle the plane ride! Did I tell you that I did your big book tag from a few weeks ago?


    • You did, you did – I commented when it first went up!
      And lucky for me Bali is a shorter plane ride than going somewhere like Sydney… 3 and a half hours from Perth, not too bad!

  4. Omg I love watching Jen’s vlogs!

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