Thoughts of the week…

01) I think I’ve decided on a hotel to stay at at during my trip to Bali next year. The Stones in Legian, I’m coming for you.

02) I made this chorizo & goats cheese tart last weekend and it was amazing. It’s also incredibly easy to make, so if you need something fast and simple to add to your weekly dinner routine be sure to check it out. Thanks Lo.

03) Honestly guys, if you’re not watching Breaking Bad I think there might be something wrong with you. THERE ARE ONLY TWO EPISODES LEFT. I’m dying.

04) The Mindy Project and New Girl are back! To add into the Wednesday night comedy mix, Brooklyn Nine Nine also started up this week. I’m a huge fan of Andy Samberg so I can see myself getting obsessed with this show. On top of that, Parks & Recreation returns next week. Yes.

05) While we’re discussing television, can I request a moment of silence for The Killing, which has been CANCELLED yet again.

06) Kimberley directed my attention to Social Workout earlier in the week, and I’m so glad that she did. If you’re a fan of obsessively tracking things that you do, you’ll love this. If you sign up, be sure to join our team and help us compete in challenges!

07) I’m gonna sneak another television reference in here (I do have a social life, I swear…) and mention The Leftovers, which my girl Liv Tyler has signed up to be a part of. It’s also about the end of the world/the rapture so y’all know I’ll be tuning in to watch this.

08) Urban Rituelle currently have 20-60% off their online stock, just use the code SPRINGSAVE. Hurry though, the sale ends on Sunday! I highly recommend the Turkish Rose and Vanilla range, and the Mango Milk body splash because it’s sweet and summery and delicious.

09) Kings of Leon release their new album Supersoaker on the 24th. Kings of Leon albums are usually the soundtrack to my summer, so I’m pretty pumped.

10) It has become my life’s purpose to hunt down the flamingo drink trays from IKEA.

13 Thoughts on “Thoughts of the week…

  1. I went through a phase of ONLY eating goats cheese. I then found that it gave me migraines so I can’t any more 🙁

  2. Hotel looks amazing, and the goats cheese tart sounds tasty!

    I tried Breaking Bad for two seasons – just couldn’t get into it. ):

    • You should stick with Breaking Bad! I wasn’t that fussed with seasons one and two either, but trust me, it picks up speed and becomes ADDICTIVE!

      • That’s what one of my colleagues kept on telling me but I was seriously struggling by the time I got to the first episode of the third season. And then a friend of mine who’s also into Breaking Bad said that if I wasn’t feeling it after that much time, it’s not the show for me. Suffice to say that I’m probably one of the few people who haven’t been converted into Breaking Bad fiends.

  3. I wasn’t that into Mindy Project last year when it came out even though I love Mindy! But I started watching towards the end of last season and now I’m obsessed. Of course, New Girl is amazing.


  4. The reason I am not watching Breaking Bad (which, btw, people on twitter keep referring to it as BB which is confusing for people watch Big Brother, not that I am any of these people, but it is hilarious to observe) is because I strongly dislike watching TV shows “live” aka with ads, or having to download a new episode each week or remember when a show is on hiatus or any such crappy reason America suspends its shows however temporarily. I promise to get on the BB bandwagon the moment it comes to a stop.

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