Product Review: Pantene Iceshine Shampoo & Conditioner

If you’ve never stared wistfully at this picture of Zooey Deschanel and wished you could wear her hair as a wig, we have absolutely nothing in common. Zooey was recently announced as a brand ambassador for Pantene, which was enough to reignite my interest and inspire me to try some of their new products. When I saw that they had released a range with no added silicone, dye, or parabens, I was curious to check it out. I’ve been using this shampoo and conditioner duo every week for over a month now, and my hair is loving it. Both have the typical Pantene “clean” scent to them (which I adore), and it means that my hair always smells delicious after I’ve use any Pantene products. FINE BY ME. After using the shampoo my hair feels clean without being stripped or tangled. The conditioner is light to medium weight, and it nourishes and conditions my hair without leaving it feeling weighed down with product. I’d say that out of all the Pantene products I’ve used in the past, these are up there with my favourites. The Iceshine Shampoo & Conditioner retail for $7.99 each and are available for purchase from pharmacies throughout Australia (please note: product was sent for consideration for review).

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