Well friends, the time has come for me to take a little break! I’ll be going off the grid for the most part over the Christmas break, although you can still catch me at Twitter and Instagram if you want to keep track of what I’m getting up to over the holiday period. Life is incredibly busy at the moment, what with Christmas, and moving into my new house – and I’m still working full time over the holiday season, so I need all the free time I can get. I’ll hopefully return to regular programming in early January. Happy holidays, everyone!

8 Thoughts on “Hiatus…

  1. Enjoy the festive season and take it easy. (:

  2. Enjoy your break! (^o^)

  3. Merry Christmas xxxx

  4. Is it sad that I am missing your posts already? Bring on early Jan x (fingers crossed you’ll sneak peek some house-y pictures?)

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