Thoughts of the week…

01) I hope by now you’re all aware that Queen Bey (aka Beysus) released an album on the sly in early December. I downloaded it immediately and have been obsessed with this song ever since.

02) If you’re a fan of Parks & Recreation you’re probably a fan of one of this season’s new characters, Craig. If so, you’ll probably love this too (fyi, Amy’s “YOU KNOW ME!” still cracks me up).

03) Sometimes I re-watch old clips of Kristin Wiig’s best Saturday Night Live performances just for laffs. She is one of my heros.

04) I had to buy this. I mean, come on.

05) This story of a man who re-enacted his wedding photos with his daughter after losing his wife to cancer is beautiful and sad and incredibly touching.

06) The Most Important Photobombs of 2013.

07) I went to Taylor Swift’s Perth Red Tour show. She was absolutely amazing and a truly inspiring performer. It helped that we had front row seats…

08) I still really want the Naked 3 palette.

09) I’m close to running out of my Origins GinZing eye cream and will be in the market for something new when it’s finished up. Hit me with your eye cream recommendations, please!

10) I’m officially hooked on Orange Is The New Black.