Thoughts of the week…

01) I’ve been using the Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara for a few weeks now, and I really like it. As Kimberley pointed out, the product name and the promise of full yet natural looking lashes seems a bit contradictory, but somehow it all works. I’m a convert, and may just lean towards choosing this over my Lancome Hypnose in the future.

02) Did you guys know that Sephora no longer ship to the standard postal address given to users by Hop Shop Go? Annoying. Any suggestions for alternate (good service) parcel forwarding companies would be greatly appreciated. I need my Sephora fix!

03) 30 Books You Need To Read In 2014

04) All of the good TV shows are slowly trickling back in… Parks is back, friends!

05) I just got back from a mini-holiday/weekend away with my group of close friends. It was so nice to get away, even just for one night. I’m only very mildly sunburnt (in one spot only), so I’m calling the weekend a total success.

06) 16 books to read before they hit theatres this year. How many have you read?

07) Despite hating my new local Woolworths, I discovered that they stock original source shower gels, so I purchased myself a Pink Grapefruit one, and it is DELICIOUS. Well, it smells delicious. I haven’t eaten any of it yet.

08) If you love TV/movies as much as I do, I highly recommend reading this.

09) I’m currently planning a road trip from South Australia back to Perth, and I am absolutely baffled at how people managed to book a holiday prior to having easy access to the internet. It’s hard enough finding information as it is. I am impressed with the skill my parents must have used to organise our Perth – Victoria (and back again) road trip back in the early 90s.

10) I’m reading The Marriage Plot at the moment, and I am LOVING it. Jeffrey Eugenides has cemented his place as one of my all time favourite authors.