April Fitness Chat

Wow, my arm looks gargantuan in that photo. It’s been a while since I posted anything fitness-related on the blog, which is probably because I’ve not been paying much attention to that aspect of my life lately. However, I feel energized and refreshed and back on track, and I thought it might be the perfect time to introduce a new monthly series of posts to the blog. Every month I’ll be checking in to discuss my goals, how I’m feeling, and interesting fitness-related things I’ve seen pop up around the place.

Monthly Goals
We’re half way through the month already, but better late than never. My main goal for the month is basically to get myself back on track, both physically and mentally. This has been a crazy year so far, but things are slowly settling down and I feel more capable of taking control of my health and fitness in general. I want to plan my lunches better (with the aim to make healthy options to take to work every day), I want to increase my weekly workouts to at least 4 a week, I want to keep a fitness diary (my new Lorna Jane planner should work with that), and I want to cut coffee out of my daily diet. I’m going to Bali in the first week of May, and you can bet that’s motivating me to WERK.

Health & Fitness Related Goodies
* I was in Kmart yesterday and noticed that they have quite an extensive range of workout clothes. I picked up a gorgeous green tank (pictured in the image above) for $15. You can bet I’ll be going back for more. ** If I’m ever short of motivation, I search through the #fitfam hashtag on Instagram. There are a lot of inspiring people out there, and there is always a picture of two to help motivate me to get off of my butt and move. *** I’m planning on whipping up some turkey meatballs to have for lunch during the week. I’ve never made meatballs before, so I’m interested to see how they turn out. I’ll keep you posted. **** I need a new theraband.

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