To Build A Home – The List

I have literally read this post by Sherry over at Young House Love at least five times already. I stumbled across her blog while obsessively reading Em For Marvelous last night, and I’m so glad that I did because it’s already provided me with a wealth of inspiration. I’ve been meaning to share a post like this for a little while now, and I finally had the time to take some photos today, so here we go. I’ve been lucky in the fact that my house was built new, which means there is nothing I urgently need to do to make the house livable. The entire interior of the house needs to be painted, but I’m planning on waiting until the 6 month period has passed, in case any major patching of the walls needs to be done beforehand.

Front Yard
– Have the front render touched up, and the back of the drain pipes painted (the house next door had not been finished when my handover took place, and I was advised that any paint or render that needed touching up would be done for me – I need to follow up on this)
– Follow up on the front verge (this is the council’s responsibility, but we’re the only house on my strip that still has a sandy verge – I also need to follow up on this)
– Work on a plan for the garden (I have some ideas – pebbled garden beds, a small tree, more potted plants – but I need to work out a specific plan for what we’re going to do)
– Remove the one dead plant (and replace it, once I figure out where the retic line runs), and tidy up the kangaroo paws that run along the fenceline
– Have the front window tinted
– Install a light fixture over the front door
– Install an additional wire security screen at the front door (we get an amazing breeze coming through from the front door some evenings, it’s a shame we don’t have a screen door that will allow this to flow through the house)

– Pick paint colours, and paint the hallway
– Buy, frame, and hang artwork next to the front door
– Buy mat for the front door (inside)

– Pick paint colours, and paint the bedroom and wardrobe
– Install a ceiling fan (unfortunately air conditioning is not an option in this room, as there is no clear wall to hang it on)
– Buy, and hang either artwork or a mirror over the vanity
– Sort out the vanity top (perfume/jewelery storage)
– Have a photo printed to go in the frame sitting on the vanity
– Organize the walk in wardrobe (this is going to be a big job)
– Organize the under-bed storage system for clothes
– Install a light fixture in the walk in wardrobe
– Install a hook onto the back of the bedroom door (for robes, etc)
– Upgrade our mattress (the one we currently have gives us both lower back pain)

– Pick paint colours, and paint the bathroom and laundry (I have a strong urge to put a wallpaper on the wall behind the basin where the mirror hangs, but we’ll see)
– Possibly hang a shelf over the toilet
– Hang shelves in the laundry cupboard
– Buy a new laundry basket
– Possibly buy a clothes dryer (depending on how we survive winter this year)

– Pick paint colours, and paint the study
– Set up some tall flowering plants in pots outside the study window
– Buy, frame, and hang artwork on the wall behind my desk
– Possibly buy a filing cabinet for next to the door
– Install a light fitting (already purchased)
– Sort out the wardrobe/storage area

Living Area
– Pick paint colours, and paint the living area and kitchen
– Hang a mirror, or artwork over the hutch
– Buy a bigger TV (my boyfriend’s plasma TV was smashed during it’s travel from Adelaide to Perth)
– Sort out the storage area in both hutches
– Sort out the drawers under the TV cabinet (electronic storage/DVDs)
– Install light fittings (already purchased)
– Buy, frame, and hang artwork
– Buy a rug for the living area (between the couches)
– Find tall fake flowers for the pot next to the hutch (I’ve been looking for decent quality fake flowers everywhere, but to no avail)
– Buy a large soft basket for storing throw rugs
– Buy a small side table to sit drinks/snacks on when we’re watching TV
– Fix the table, as it wasn’t built correctly

– Have a splashback installed behind the stovetop
– Install light fitting (already purchased)
– Sort out kitchen drawers
– Sort out plastics cupboard (everyone’s nightmare)
– Sort out area on top of the fridge (currently housing all of the cat food)

Back Yard
– Get a new peg basket (the ratty mess you can see hanging on the line has gradually disintegrated, potentially releasing toxic chemicals into the atmostphere – thanks, Big W)
– Get some sort of storage set up for the garage to store tools in
– Fix the garden bed (I’m pretty sure that I want to replace the crappy mulch/sand bed with pebbles or rocks – with a tall tree for the back corner, and possibly potted plants throughout the rest of the area)
– Buy a BBQ
– Buy an outdoor setting
– Buy a shade, or large umbrella
– Remove “Box City”, as we’ve lovingly named it (there is a backlog of cardboard boxes sitting in the yard, from the moving period that we’re gradually having recycled every fortnight when the recycle truck comes)
– Get rid of the old ladder and carpet length sitting along the side of the house
– Install outdoor light fixture
– Add more potted plants and try not to kill them all

And that’s it for now. I’ll keep you updated on our progress!