July Goals

Hello! First of all, lets see how I did with last month’s goals

– Clean out my makeup collection
Get my licence photo taken and renew my drivers’ licence
– Finish planning our short holiday in July/organize my boyfriend’s birthday present
– Add a few more potted plants to our garden
Start the process to have any issues with the house fixed under the 6 month warranty
– Pick paint colours for the interior of the house

Getting sick really takes a toll on your motivation, doesn’t it? I came down with a bad head cold during June which sapped a lot of my energy. I’m blaming this for the fact that my ‘goal results’ for the month aren’t as good as they could have been. Hopefully July will be a little bit better, and I can achieve a few more of my goals.

– Finish planning our short holiday in July/organize Sebastian’s birthday present
– Organize three birthday dinners for Sebastian’s birthday
– Do my tax return
– Sort out my personal health insurance coverage
– Have my car serviced (and get the brakes replaced)
– Clean out my makeup collection

How is everyone else going with their monthly goals? Is there something you’ve been putting off doing for ages, that you managed to accomplish once you added it to your list of goals for the month? I’d love to how this format is working for you, it’s certainly motivating me to work on things that otherwise might fall by the wayside.

6 Thoughts on “July Goals

  1. Jacqueline on July 8, 2014 at 9:07 pm said:

    Oh I love it! I recently started following you on Twitter (why did I not think of it sooner?!) and get instant new blog post notifications, it’s glorious. Plus, the videos, articles, you share + retweets are interesting too.

    I love these types of posts, and great format – thank you for the honesty! Know that you’re doing your best and that’s enough 🙂

    Good luck for this month!

    My only goal is to study, do the occasional clean-up and get a min. 20 minutes of exercise daily until my final yr 12 exams are over.

  2. Tax return and health insurance are on my list too. Not fun goals but have to be done right?

  3. Love your goals posts!!

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