August Goals

First up, lets see how I did with July’s goals

Finish planning our short holiday in July/organize Sebastian’s birthday present
Organize three birthday dinners for Sebastian’s birthday
Do my tax return
– Sort out my personal health insurance coverage
Have my car serviced (and get the brakes replaced)
– Clean out my makeup collection

Not bad all up, but once again, I didn’t get around to finishing the clean out of my makeup collection because for some reason I just can’t get motivated to do it. I might need to watch some makeup organization videos on youtube to get the inspiration flowing (any and all video or channel suggestions are welcome!). I have some big projects to tackle soon, and I’m planning on taking them one step at a time. Most of them are to do with the house, so it might be time for another house update… Stay tuned for that, but for now here are my goals for August:

– Set up my new personal agenda
– Clean out the main hutch in the living room
– Finish organising my makeup collection
– Sort out by health insurance coverage
– Write a general plan for cleaning out the walk in wardrobe

What are your goals for this month? I’d love to hear how everyone is going with their goal planning, now that we’re over half way through the year. Is your success rate getting better or worse as the year progresses?

4 Thoughts on “August Goals

  1. Go girl!
    My goals for this month is continue to drive and get ready for the test on Sept 5. Secondly, I need to pay off 5 deliquent bills on my credit report.

  2. Great work on July’s goals, I definitely understand the private health insurance goal – we delayed doing that until the very last second but it’s so worth it in the end. I actually asked around for people who actually USE their private health and based our choice off of that.
    Cleaning out makeup collection recc’s – ItsKeerstin, and Tati’s graveyard clear outs are good places to start if you haven’t already.
    i’m loving wardrobe week on Vivianna Does Makeup! A wardrobe clear out is in the mix for me too thanks to Kimmy’s latest video link to Into Mind!
    Good luck with August, sounds super doable.

    • Thanks lovely! I do have health cover, but my current plan doesn’t have hospital cover and I need to get on it quick smart! Thanks for the tips – as you know I’ve finally managed to clean out my makeup stash!

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