Thoughts of the week…

01) I finally finished clearing out my makeup collection! The best part was finding makeup that I had completely forgotten I owned. Jackpot. Now I need to start thinking about the walk in wardrobe organization. Ugh.

02) If you’ve ever done the Myers-Briggs personality test and are interested to see what personality type your blog says you are (at if it aligns with your regular personality – surprisingly enough, mine doesn’t), work it out here.

03) HEY GUYS, there are only 129 days until Christmas!

04) I’m sure by now we’ve all heard about the sad passing of Robin Williams. We celebrated his life by watching both Mrs Doubtfire and The Birdcage this weekend. Two of my all-time favourite movies. I think an Aladdin/Jumanji re-watch could be on the cards sometime soon.

05) Daniel Radcliffe did the Vogue 73 questions interview. He also surprised some of his fans after a screening of his new movie in New York. I adore Daniel Radcliffe.

06) I decided to put ‘The Shining’ down for a little bit, and have picked up ‘In The Blood’ by Lisa Unger instead. I’m really liking it so far, and I’m making way more progress on it than I did with The Shining. 50 Book Challenge, I’m coming for you!

07) How the sun sees you.

08) This was by far my favourite news story of the week.

09) WTF Renaissance is definitely my favourite twitter account at the moment.

10) I mentioned pizza on twitter last week, and Dominos Australia contacted me to send me a voucher for a free pizza. Which they seem to do a lot. A+ social media work if you ask me!

Favourite Youtubers

MyHouseWifeLife (also TheBusyBeeBuzz & OrganizedLikeJen) – Jen was the first youtuber I ever really followed and I still get excited when I see her videos popping up in my subscription box. My favourite of her channels is ‘My Housewife Life’, because I love seeing how she spends her days. I’ve never really wanted to be a housewife, but she sure does make it seem fun. She doesn’t do vlogs as regularly as she used to, due to a troll infestation in the comments section of every video. This is a real shame, because I miss the way that her videos used to be, but I still go back and watch her old vlog series, because I’m a loser like that.

EssieButtonVlogs (also EssieButton) – Watching Estee’s vlogs is one of my favourite ways to waste time. I think she’s absolutely stunning, but she has a very laid back attitude, and isn’t afraid to make fun of herself, so I can bear how pretty she is without getting too jealous. Her dog Reggie has become one of the animals that I (creepily) obsess over from afar, and she has inspired me to switch up my daily coffee for a nice big cup of tea. I tend to watch her Vlogs more than the videos on her regular channel, but those are always top quality when I tune into EssieButton.

ViviannaDoesMakeup – Anna recently started doing vlogs, and they’ve become one of my favourite videos to watch each week. I find her utterly gorgeous, and therefore lemming any beauty product she puts on her face (because obviously they’ll make ME just as gorgeous, right?!). I really love watching Anna’s videos, I think she seems like one of the loveliest people on youtube. Also, I want her hair. And wardrobe. And face.

Michele1218 – Michele was one of the first Youtube “gurus” I subscribed to, and I still watch her videos on a regular basis. Her vibe has changed quite a bit over the past couple of years, as she’s become a new mom and has a different focus now. Regardless of this change, I still love the content of her videos, and she remains one of my youtube style icons. Yet another youtube who I have massive hair envy for. Sigh.

Kimmmberleyy (also KimberleyReads) – Kimberley is one of the few Australian Youtubers that I watch. She has two channels, and I watch both pretty religiously. Her dog Luca is another animal that I obsess over from afar, and his cameos in Kimberley’s videos never fail to make me laugh. If you need some inspiration to read a book, her book channel is one of the things I watch to motivate myself to pick something up and READ.