Thoughts of the week…

01) Haus of Gloi have released their Autumn collection, and the last time I checked all of the ‘Ghost Puffs’ goodies were out of stock. Ugh.

02) The day finally came, the very first pair of Country Road stockings that I ever bought (four years ago) have a hole in them and need to be chucked out. I can’t recommend them highly enough, they are amazing quality and I continue to buy them year after year. This is the first time since I started wearing them that I’ve ever needed to replace them. They certainly are long lasting!

03) This article about Taylor Swift finally embracing feminism is pretty interesting (and frankly it’s about time). Speaking of Taylor, here she is in iambic pentameter.

04) Somehow we managed to successfully grew some catnip, and Pepsi has been high ever since.

05) This piece has made me really excited for Lena Dunham’s book.

06) I got spendy this week and ordered some books and makeup. Oops.

07) I can’t wait for Parks & Recreation to be back on our screens. Meanwhile, Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman both continue to live their lives in the most awesome way possible.

08) Beyonce’s performance at the VMAs was perfection. As per usual. Speaking of Queen B, apparently she is coming to Australia with the On The Run tour with Jay Z. Interesting…

09) We finished watching the final season of The Killing, and it wasn’t how I thought they would end it, but I’m mostly satisfied with it being all wrapped up.

10) We went to see Mythbusters Live on Wednesday night, and it was a lot of fun. I wasn’t sure how their show would translate to a live audience, but I really enjoyed it. It was also really nice to head out into the city mid-week, as I rarely do. It was bustling!

6 Thoughts on “Thoughts of the week…

  1. So apparently, most Australian cats are immune to catnip! Whether a cat reacts to catnip is hereditary and genetic, and because we are on an island and have such strict quarantine laws we have a really small kitty gene pool! So over the years it’s just been mostly bred out. The more you know!

  2. TBH I didn’t know CR made tights. I will make a mental note. Jealous you went to Mythbusters Live. Love that show!

  3. Ahh so sad so see your tights go! I actually got a huuuuge rip in mine last weekend, but considering it was the first time they’ve broken since I bought some and I didn’t even buy any this winter I don’t mind. It was you who recommended them to me, it must have been a few years ago at least!

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