September Goals

First of all, lets see how I did in August

– Set up my new personal agenda
– Clean out the main hutch in the living room
– Finish organising my makeup collection

– Sort out my health insurance coverage
– Write a general plan for cleaning out the walk in wardrobe

Not a bad effort all up, and I finally managed to finish cleaning out my makeup collection, which had been a ‘work in progress’ for a few months now. I still haven’t sorted out my health insurance upgrade, but that’s mostly because I need to call them during working hours and I never get around to doing it. I’ll add it to the list again this month, and we’ll see how we go! Here is what I’m hoping to achieve in September:

– Organize a present for my BFF’s 30th birthday
– Sort out/upgrade my health insurance coverage
– Go to the Perth Royal Show
– Catch up on the 50 Book Challenge
– Start cleaning out the walk in wardrobe
– Get my health issues under control

I am 5(!) books behind in the 50 Book Challenge, so I’m making that a priority this month. How is everyone else doing with their goals? Has anyone finally managed to cross something off of their list after a few months of avoidance?