Thoughts of the week…

01) I feel like I am forever on the hunt for pretty desktop backgrounds for the three computers that I frequently use (oh, and my iPad and my iPhone). You’d be surprised at how hard it is to find a nice background, especially considering the endless resources that are available online. I always seem to have trouble finding stuff that I like, especially stuff that is free to download and readily available following a quick google search. During the week I stumbled across Design Love, and bookmarked it immediately.

02) Liv Tyler is apparently pregnant again! How exciting!

03) Taylor Swift’s album is available for pre-order (it’s due out on the 28th of October, I think I’ll wait for the release date), and she’s been all over the news this week because of comments she made during her Rolling Stone interview about a famous enemy she has. We all know it’s Katy Perry, and I kind of love it. She also tweeted a link to this video taken on the day of her Rolling Stone photoshoot. It’s lovely. Fun fact: the photographer from that shoot is Liv Tyler’s ex boyfriend. THE MORE YOU KNOW.

04) We went for a lovely drive in the country today, and had lunch in a little country town called York. It was nice to take some time to get away for the day. I loved seeing the wildflowers along the way, although it’s not technically wildflower season yet.

05) Anna Wintour did the 73 Vogue Questions interview, and it was just as awkward and stiff as I imagined it would be. It’s amazing how easy it is to spot the different between ‘performers’ (actors, etc) doing these interviews, and people who don’t put on a show for a living. I swear I saw Anna’s hand shaking at one point during the interview. Perhaps she is human after all? Also, how much does her office look like the one from The Devil Wears Prada. Ha.

06) Urban Rituelle are having a sale (up to 65% off), but hurry because it’s ending on Sunday! Use code BIRTHDAYSALE when placing your order. Happy shopping!

07) This is a really interesting article.

08) I am tempted to buy Ben a spider costume for Halloween in an attempt to recreate this prank.

09) The 29 realest Tumblr posts about being Australian.

10) This live emoji feed is very interesting. I feel sorry for the lesser-used emojis now.

4 Thoughts on “Thoughts of the week…

  1. I watched that spider prank earlier in the week and there were TEARS. Best.

  2. The TSwift/KPerry thing is really odd…
    As bad as it is for TSwift to write songs and then name who they’re about; now she’s coming out about some background drama about Katy? It just…. arg. I don’t like it.
    But damn it I love Shake it Off SO much.

    • I don’t think she’s ever named who a song was about… And she never mentioned that it was Katy, it was just people doing their research and figuring out who it was… She does still have that mean girl vibe about her though, lol.

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