Thoughts of the week…

01) Guys, Lauren Conrad released images from her wedding album. I love everything I’ve seen from her wedding so far. I’m surprised it wasn’t more ‘girly’, but then Lauren has always mentioned finding a balance between her style and her partners masculine style so I guess it does make sense that their wedding would be a good mix of both.

02) Speaking of Lauren Conrad, she also recently allowed InStyle to tour her home. It’s beautiful, but not quite what I was expecting.

03) My current ‘app’ obsession at the moment is the Wunderlist app. There are a LOT of list making apps out there, so I’m not sure if/how this one is better than any of the others on the market, but I’m enjoying using it. Basically I just love making lists.

04) My parents went to Europe for some of August and most of September, and brought me back a few gifts. One of which was a brand new bottle of Chanel Chance. I haven’t worn this perfume in years, and it’s bringing back a lot of memories from my early 20s. I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of this during summer.

05) Ed Sheeran announced an Australian tour for next year, and I’m already mentally planning who I can try and convince to come with me…

06) Emma Watson presented an impressive speech on feminism at the UN this week. What a truly inspiring young woman.

07) Lena Dunham’s ‘ask lena‘ Q&A series is absolute perfection.

08) Most of the news stories I read during the week are incredibly depressing, but not this one.

09) Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn have both been confirmed as leads in the second season of True Detective. I think this is some very interesting casting, although it’s not as interesting a casting as what I first read his name as when I saw the Rolling Stone article on Colin Farrell pop up on my twitter feed (read: Colin Firth).

10) 5 Second Summaries with Andy Samberg