Thoughts of the week…

01) Guys, Lauren Conrad released images from her wedding album. I love everything I’ve seen from her wedding so far. I’m surprised it wasn’t more ‘girly’, but then Lauren has always mentioned finding a balance between her style and her partners masculine style so I guess it does make sense that their wedding would be a good mix of both.

02) Speaking of Lauren Conrad, she also recently allowed InStyle to tour her home. It’s beautiful, but not quite what I was expecting.

03) My current ‘app’ obsession at the moment is the Wunderlist app. There are a LOT of list making apps out there, so I’m not sure if/how this one is better than any of the others on the market, but I’m enjoying using it. Basically I just love making lists.

04) My parents went to Europe for some of August and most of September, and brought me back a few gifts. One of which was a brand new bottle of Chanel Chance. I haven’t worn this perfume in years, and it’s bringing back a lot of memories from my early 20s. I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of this during summer.

05) Ed Sheeran announced an Australian tour for next year, and I’m already mentally planning who I can try and convince to come with me…

06) Emma Watson presented an impressive speech on feminism at the UN this week. What a truly inspiring young woman.

07) Lena Dunham’s ‘ask lena‘ Q&A series is absolute perfection.

08) Most of the news stories I read during the week are incredibly depressing, but not this one.

09) Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn have both been confirmed as leads in the second season of True Detective. I think this is some very interesting casting, although it’s not as interesting a casting as what I first read his name as when I saw the Rolling Stone article on Colin Farrell pop up on my twitter feed (read: Colin Firth).

10) 5 Second Summaries with Andy Samberg

6 Thoughts on “Thoughts of the week…

  1. Loved Andy Samberg with Jimmy. Those two are hilarious

  2. The look and feel of LC’s wedding seems very clean, simple and almost low-key. Agreed that her house different – kind of more eclectic than I would’ve envisioned.

    I heard from friends who went to the last Ed Sheeran concert that he’s a really good performer. Definitely planning to go.

    • I’ve also heard that Ed Sheeran is a great performer. I love that he doesn’t add too much “show” to his concerts. His music is too simple/beautiful for too much added performance.

  3. I loved the little video intro to LC’s house tour.
    The beagle made me smile so hard I wanted to cry with happiness. I honestly hate the news so much because most of the time, it’s just doom doom doom and gloom with a pinch of libel.

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