Thoughts of the week…

01) American Horror Story is back! Who else is tuning in for ‘Freakshow’ this season? This article about all of the seasons and storylines linking together is quite interesting.

02) It’s a week until my book club meeting and I haven’t even started the assigned book… I’ve been in such a reading rut lately, and not even because I’m not enjoying the book that I’m reading. I need to make a HUGE effort to get on board with my reading effort this week. Wish me luck.

03) Did you know you can get a Demeter perfume that smells like paperback books? I want this.

04) It’s been confirmed. Twin Peaks is coming back. I am SO excited for this, guys. So excited.

05) It’s also been confirmed that Ghostbusters is returning – with an all-female lead cast. I always get nervous when my favourite movies are re-booted (Indiana Jones, anyone?), but I have high hopes for this all the same. Keeping my fingers crossed that Anna Kendrick pops up on the cast list. Oh, and Mindy Kaling please.

06) Taylor covered Vance Joy’s ‘Riptide’ on BBC Radio, and it was perfect. Speaking of Taylor, her new album comes out this month! I am so keen for this. She’s also releasing a song from 1989 in a couple of days and I can’t wait.

07) Lauren Conrad posted her fall reading list and some of the books look quite interesting. I’m dying to read Lena’s book in particular, I’ll have to pick it up sometime soon.

08) Speaking of Lauren, I’d love to copy her idea to have this song played at a wedding. It’s so lovely.

09) This slow-motion action shot of a magpie attacking is pretty awesome. If you’ve ever been swooped by a magpie you know how SCARY it can be.

10) FINALLY Perth gets some weird-ass cloud action.