October Fitness Chat

Summer is coming, and with it comes renewed motivation and fresh inspiration. The warmer weather makes it so much easier to eat well and find time to fit in workouts throughout the week. My partner and I are both feeling extremely motivated at the moment (driven by a wedding we’re attending in January, and the fact that beach season is upon us), so we’re trying to help each other to get moving and eat better. Having this kind of support is endlessly helpful, but if you don’t have a partner to help you with your fitness endeavors, I find that a ‘gym buddy’ works just as well. Having someone besides yourself to be accountable to when it comes to working out, is surprisingly motivating.

September Goals
Unfortunately I failed to achieve my September goals. I didn’t reach my caloric burn goal, I wasn’t able to complete the Lorna Jane Squat Challenge, and we’re still eating out way more than we should (especially as we’re saving for a big trip next year). But it’s a new month, and I’m setting myself a fresh bunch of goals to achieve. Here we go!

October Goals
I find that when I have a schedule in place, I’m more likely to stick to a plan. So I wrote up a month’s worth of workouts on a calendar page and my goal is to achieve all of them in a month. I don’t have to do each workout on the date shown, but I do have to do ALL of them before the month ends. When they’ve been completed I’ll mark them off with a gold star. So far so good, but we’ll see how we go. Tying in with this, I want to start running on the little track we’ve worked out near our house. It takes me a bit longer to get into road-running, but there is so much additional benefit that it’s well worth the effort. Food-wise, we’re aiming for only one takeout meal per month. I’m sure we can achieve this, especially as we’re both in strict budget mode at the moment.

Health & Fitness Related Goodies
* The biggest motivation for me lately has been watching BreeLovesVlogs, as she has a very healthy lifestyle, and watching her constantly hitting up the gym or heading out to do some kind of fun workout is quite inspirational. ** This is an awful song, but it’s catchy, and it makes me want to move.

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