November Goals

November already! Sheesh! Lets see how I did with my October Goals

– sort out/upgrade my health insurance coverage
– start cleaning out the walk in wardrobe
– get my health issues under control
– host a book club meeting
– plan (and celebrate) our one year anniversary
– start planning my birthday celebrations for next month
– start early christmas planning

Not too bad, all up. And YES I STILL HAVEN’T SORTED OUT MY HEALTH INSURANCE UPGRADE. This is fast becoming the absolute bane of my existence. I really need to get it sorted out though, because I’m now over a specific age bracket when it comes to tax/health insurance cover etc. See how boring this is? Ugh. I checked everything else off of the list though, and even started working on sorting out the walk in wardrobe. Progress. November is a mix of birthday madness and Christmas build up, and I L-O-V-E it. Time for some November goals –

– sort out/upgrade my health insurance coverage (lol)
– get rid of some of the cat stuff that pepsi never uses (we’ll try and donate this to a shelter)
– clear out the boxes near the kitchen
– sort out/renew my building insurance
– have the front verge landscaped
– finalise christmas plans
– put up the christmas tree!

What are some of your goals for this month?

2 Thoughts on “November Goals

  1. Wow you blitzed October 🙂

    My Nov goals are
    – do uni prep assignements
    – declutter makeup collection
    – take more stuff to Vinnies (clothes/toys)
    – finish reading a book or two
    – do some xmas shopping

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