Thoughts of the week…

01) The cricketing world is still reeling from the passing of young Phil Hughes during the week, after a freak accident during a game. My heart goes out to his family, his friends, and especially poor Sean Abbott – the bowler involved. So sad.

02) This is an interesting article about lasting relationships, and the science behind it.

03) I love Sasha and Malia giving Teen Sass Face at this year’s turkey pardoning.

04) Pepsi is always so helpful when I’m working out. She likes to swish around my legs and sit in places where I’m trying to jump rope/lay down/sit etc.

05) The first full Jurassic World preview was released this world. I am excited.

06) I’m not gonna lie, I watched this video early one morning this week and ended up having a bit of a cry over it. If you’re a soft touch like me, or just love dogs, I’m sure it’ll have a similar effect on you.

07) Great news! Serial is set to return for a second season.

08) Beyonce released a new song and clip last weekend, and although the song hasn’t really grown on me I do like the film clip. Especially the part where she stacks it while attempting a dance move.

09) Taylor Swift behind the scenes on ‘The Voice’

10) And to finish of the female singer trifecta, Selena Gomez blew me away with her performance at tha AMAs earlier in the week. Her new song has really grown on me and if this is the calibre of her new music I can’t wait to hear a lot more of it.