November Empties / Project 50 Pan (part 2)

05) Original Source Shea Butter & Honey Shower Gel – This was Sebastian’s shower gel that I “borrowed” from time to time. I really love these Original Source shower gels. They’re such amazing value for money. This isn’t my favourite scent from the range, but if you’re keen on subtle vanilla-shea kind of scents, this could be a good one to pick up.

06) Nivea Fragrance Free Facial Cleansing Wipes – So I used up another packet of these face wipes, and yes they’re still my favourite. I probably won’t have another packet in my empties for a while, due to “the pan”, as I’ll be trying to use my Bioderma as a makeup remover instead.

07) Arbonne Cream Concealer in Light – Wow, I used up a whole concealer that isn’t the Maybelline instant age rewind. I’ll pause here for your applause. At first I thought this shade might have been a bit yellow for my skintone, but it worked really well as an undereye concealer when I blended it in with a brush. I still have two or three concealers to finish up before I’m ‘allowed’ to buy anything new, but I will definitely be repurchasing this in the future.

08) Lancome Hypnose Mascara – I always get so disappointed when I finish a tube of my holy grail mascara. This time was especially difficult, because I decided to NOT follow up with another tube of Hypnose, but to try something different. Mainly because I’ve committed myself to a Project 50 Pan, and I have a few mascaras sitting unopened in my makeup drawer that need to be finished up before I can justify purchasing something new. I don’t know what I could possibly tell you about Lancome Hypnose that I haven’t said a million times before. This is the best mascara I’ve ever tried, and you should buy a tube for yourself.

09) Paula’s Choice Hydralight Healthy Skin Refreshing Toner – I’m close to reaching the end of my Paula’s Choice stash, and I don’t have much in the way of toner backups, so I might just have to order some more of this (I love it, btw). I’ll check through my beauty cupboard and see what I can replace this with, from memory I have one bottle left and then NOTHING. My goodness. Can my face live without Paula’s Choice? This Project 50 Pan is a real challenge.