December Empties / Project 50 Pan (part 3)

10) Clear Intense Hydration Hydrating Daily Conditioner – I don’t know why, but I always finish up the conditioner of any duo before I’m even halfway through the shampoo. I swear I’m using equal amounts of both each wash, but there you have it. I still have a long way to go with the Intense Hydration Shampoo, but have already finished up the conditioner. I really love this duo, it’s lightweight, smells nice, and leaves my hair feeling fresh and clean.

11) Skindanavia No More Shine Makeup Finish – Another holy grail product bites the dust! This time it’s my makeup finishing spray, and yes I had another on-hand to finish so I’m including this in my Project 50 Pan. No repurchase yet!

12) EVO Ritual Salvation Shampoo & Conditioner – I decided to include these two as one product, because it’s my pan and I can do what I want! I liked this duo, but these little square bottles are absolutely useless and make it nearly impossible to get any of the product out, especially when you’re about half way through the bottle.

13) Givenchy Photo Perfexion Foundation in Perfect Ivory – Another holy grail item that I had a back up stash of, so I’m including it in my 50 items for the pan. I love this foundation, and really the only thing that would make me stop wearing it is if Sephora decided to stop shipping it to me. (please do not do this sephora)

14) Paula’s Choice Hydralight Moisture-Infusing Lotion – This has been my favourite moisturiser for a long time, but after finishing this tube up I decided to switch to something else… also from Paula’s Choice. I’ll be sure to review that when I have a good idea of what I feel about it. But you can be sure I’ll be returning to my old faithful Hydralight soon enough.