Thoughts of the week…

01) The daily routines of famous creative people. How does YOUR daily routine compare?

02) I’m embarrassed to share how excited I was when I read that 2,400 classic MS-DOS games had been made available to download and play. I used to play a lot of these type of games when I was younger, namely the Hugo’s House of Horror series, Jazz Jackrabbit, and Boulder Dash. Guess what? Now they’re all available for me to play once more. Awesome.

03) Yet another fireball asteroid exploded over Europe this week, and lit up the skies. I feel like I see something like this happening every week or so now. Which is awesome, because I’m nuts for stuff like this. But still, what does it mean? Probably nothing. Right? Right.

04) It’s been a bit of a stressful weekend for me. I was evacuated from my house yesterday due to an out of control bushfire raging through an area near where I live. I’d been monitoring the smoke throughout the day (because it seemed to get worse and worse as time progressed), and when I checked the DFES website and saw that we were in the emergency zone I grabbed everything important and hot-footed it over to my parents’ house. Why does this kind of stuff always happen to me when Sebatian leaves the state?

05) I have a new YouTube obsession (I told you, I go through phases with YouTube!). At the moment I log into my subscriptions and head straight to HappilyAHousewife to see if she’s uploaded anything new for the day. She has such a sweet little family, and I’m loving the series of organizational videos that she’s been sharing lately.

06) Would you try the Taylor Swift Diet?

07) What Back To The Future (Part 2) got right and wrong about 2015 an A-Z guide.

08) Dads acting like Fashion Bloggers.

09) Have you ever been curious to know what volcanoes look like from space? Well here you go.

10) There isn’t much time left to enter the remaining December – be sure to do so ASAP!