Thoughts of the week…

01) The Grammys were a internet goldmine earlier in the week. My favourite was probably the vine of Jay Z and Beyonce’s reaction when Kanye West threatened to storm the stage once again.

02) The standout performance of the night was definitely Hozier and Annie Lennox. Wow.

03) There is nothing more frustrating than having a brand you love and trust suddenly stop producing quality products, and then make it quite difficult to contact them to complain about it. I’m having this experience with Berlei at the moment. I’ve been a huge fan of their range for many years now, but have had 4 bras in the last 4 months die within a week of me purchasing them. The underwire keeps coming out! I wanted to email Berlei to tell them about this, but every time I try and lodge a complaint on their website, an error message comes up. Annoying.

04) Better Call Saul started up this week. It seems to be a bit of a slow burner (similar to Breaking Bad). But I trust Vince Gilligan, and I am going along for the ride!

05) I love this Vogue feature on Taylor Swift and her bestie Karlie Kloss.

06) Speaking of Taylor, her video for ‘Style‘ was released this week. What do we think?

07) And speaking of Karlie, here are some of her beauty secrets

08) This movie looks really good. Rupert Friend is an incredible actor and I love him on Homeland so I’m very excited to see this!

09) 50 Shades of Steve Buscemi.

10) 10 times reporters asked female celebrities the wrong damn question.