April Health & Fitness Chat

I think I’m the opposite to most people, because I seem to feel the most motivated to get into shape when winter rolls around (clearly a bikini body is not my thing). I’m still working on my journey to discovering what’s wrong with muh insides, but I’m feeling a little bit happier with the balance I’ve found lately with my diet and exercise. Here’s how I did with last month’s goals

– try and get at least 10 stars in my workout diary for the month
– continue to track food on a daily basis
– cut down (a LOT) on sugar intake
– get better at prepping food to take to work
– make healthier meal choices based on food tracking

I’ve noticed a few more food triggers that seem to cause me pain (and nausea, which is the WORST), so I’ve made a big effort to cut those out of my diet. Bye bye, onion. Farewell, tomato. I’ll miss you, avocado. It really sucks when it’s your favourite vegetables causing you intestinal issues. Now I have to eat crummy vegetables like cucumber and spinach all the time. Life stinks.

– Keep a daily food journal and track any side effects I have from the foods I’m eating
– Start utilising the gym again
– Stretch my hamstrings after every workout
– Cut down on chocolate (Easter was a killer)
– Pick up on my water intake again
– Switch to decaf tea 50% of the time

What is your number one health and fitness goal for the month?

7 Thoughts on “April Health & Fitness Chat

  1. I have the same issue with tracking food. I try really hard, find new ways to do it but always end up forgetting. I’m doing weekly food plans now so I can at least track what I’m eating that way and I’m also making healthier choices. (Plus it’s helping reduce waste and save moolah)

    Also, food for thought (or should I say water for thought), but they have done studies that those recommended 8 cups of water a day are not of any further benefit to you (it was something made up by the water companies to get people to drink more of their water). They suggest just drinking when you’re thirsty – and if you don’t like water, having it in tea, coffee or juice is just as good – of course the sugar in juices isn’t, but you know what I mean.

    • Jessica on April 9, 2015 at 7:35 pm said:

      I saw your weekly meal plan, it looked delicious! I can’t wait to see what other yummy meals you’re cooking up 🙂

      As for the water, I am prone to getting severely dehydrated rather quickly (I can tell when my muscles start to sieze up, it’s not fun!), so I need to stay on top of my water every day 😀

  2. I need to get back into writing down fitness goals like this – I’ve been walking with my sister and the dogs every morning but now that colder weather is approaching I’m thinking YouTube yoga might be my next go-to thing

    • Jessica on April 9, 2015 at 7:22 pm said:

      I have so many at-home workouts I want to try that require a TV, but our floors are SO HARD I can’t bear to lay/kneel on them. Even a yoga mat and towel combo doesn’t work, lol. I think I need some of those padded exercise mats. And then youtube yoga will be all mine!

  3. I had the same sort of sadness today when I realised haloumi played havoc on my insides… I’d only known him a few months too. :'(
    My number one health goal is to lose one more full kilogram, bringing me to the healthiest I have been in almost ten years. 100% changes to diet and I’m almost 17kgs down!

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