June Goals

Hey guys guess what? We’re essentially halfway through the year. If that doesn’t terrify you there is something wrong with you. I think I mention this every month when I check in with my goals, but this year is going by so quickly. Is it because I’m getting older? I don’t know. Anyway, here is how I went with my goals for May

– Change my address at one service provider
– Catch up on my 50 Book Challenge
– Bake cheesecake bars for Mother’s Day high tea
– Help organize and celebrate my best friend’s hens evening

– Clean out the bathroom cupboard
– Clean out the fridge
– Have a board game night with family
– Plan the next book club meeting (we’re a little bit behind)

I looked at my day planner when I was replying to an email this morning, and I realised that my month is completely empty. I have nothing planned, except for some work items and travel for Sebastian. Which is probably a good thing, to be honest, as last month was a big one and I’ve been feeling kind of spendy (a little TOO spendy, if you catch my drift). I have a few big ticket items coming up in July, so I’m happy to spend a quite month doing next to nothing. Here are some of the goals I’m hoping to achieve in June –

– Have a board game night with family
– Clean out the bathroom cupboard
– Plan a fun Magic Mike XXL viewing night with my girlfriends
– Make potato & leek soup
– Go for a walk along the coast (nothing clears the cobwebs in my brain quite like this)
– Start planning a mini holiday for Sebastian’s birthday next month

Wish me luck!

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