Thoughts of the week…

01) For a few months now I’ve been feeling sick everytime I have a glass of wine. So I stopped drinking it. Then Sebastian suggested I try preservative removing drops to see if they work for me, and it seems like they do. I can drink red wine again! Happy days.

02) I’m obsessed with Major Lazer at the moment. Great motivating work/workout music.

03) Someone Photoshopped giant cats into Jurassic Park.

04) So…. That Game Of Thrones finale, eh?

05) 90,000 American UFO Sightings Since 1905, mapped.

06) Ed Sheeran heard a girl singing one of his songs at a shopping centre, so he joined her on stage.

07) I’ve become addicted to the Kim Kardashian game again. This Kardashian obsession must stop!

08) This father spent $100,000 retreating Jurassic Park totally out of Lego.

09) I usually hate radio shows but I’ve been listening to the ‘Kate, Tim, and Marty‘ podcast a lot lately. They are hilarious. Because of the hours I work I rarely get a chance to listen to their show in full, so having the podcasts available makes it easy for me to catch up on days I miss.

10) Chris Pratt runs in heels.

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