What We’re Watching – Winter 2015

The Simpsons – We recently finished up with ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’, and this has become our new go-to short episode comedy show. We’re not really following any sort of pattern with episodes we’ve been watching, we just pick whichever episode tickles our fancy. Though this has been mostly episodes in seasons up until around season 10. Because early Simpsons is the best Simpsons. Obviously.

Mad Men – We’re slowly making our way through the entire series of Mad Men, and we’re currently at the beginning of Season 5. The show hasn’t dulled as the seasons have rolled on (although I’m bored to death of Betty Draper’s storyline), and we’re still excited to watch new episodes. I think we’ll miss this when we finally finish it up, but I’m glad we have the entire show to watch and don’t have to wait from week to week like people who got in early did. The benefits of being slow, I guess?

The X Files – I suggested to Sebastian that we re-watch The X Files in anticipation of the reboot next year and at first he wasn’t 100% keen but now he’s on board and it’s full steam ahead. We’re still on season one (one of the worst seasons, IMO), but we’re progressing steadily. This is one of my all-time favourite TV series, and the chemistry between Mulder and Scully will never die. Best TV couple in history, guys. The very best.

Orange Is The New Black – We got stuck back into this as soon as season three started up. So far it doesn’t seem to be as exciting as the previous couple of years (at least not right off the bat), but we’ll see how it develops as the season wears on.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians – This post is titled ‘what we’re watching’, but this one is mostly just me. Sebastian will only watch this if I force him to, which of course I don’t do because I’m not that cruel. Any time that I have free to watch TV on my own (usually only when Sebastian’ travels for work) is spent watching The Kardashians. It’s a ridiculous show, but I love it.

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