Weekly Grocery Haul + Meal Plan

I love watching grocery haul videos on YouTube, but I do really enjoy watching the most mundane things on that platform. I decided to share with you our grocery shop for the week, and the meals I’ve planned out for us. My goal this week was to keep the shop under $150, and I even went so far as to cash in some of our Flybuys points for money back on the shop (which ended up taking $30 off of the total for the week – not too shabby). The grand total came to $109.61 which was under what I had budgeted for the week and I’ll be carrying across the excess $40.39 for future shopping trips. Here’s my meal plan for the week –

Monday – Friday: Gluten free weetbix w/ lactose free milk

Monday: Leftover spaghetti bolognese
Tuesday: Out
Wednesday: Toasted cheese sandwich
Thursday: Noodles
Friday: Slow cooked beef massaman curry

Monday: Chicken w/ roasted sweet potato & steamed broccoli
Tuesday: Burritos
Wednesday: Moroccan seasoned lamb w/ cous cous & roasted carrots
Thursday: Chicken schnitzel w/ mash & steamed broccoli
Friday: Homemade pizza

Monday – Friday: Strawberries / carrot sticks / gluten free crackers

4 Thoughts on “Weekly Grocery Haul + Meal Plan

  1. Love it! Can you do these every week? I need the inspo and I love how you plan it all out – I need to learn to do this better!

  2. I LOVE watching grocery hauls, I want to switch up what we eat as I tend to rely on the same meals all the time, and if Mister gets a choice we have the yummy things every night without thinking of health and variety >< I have the same grocery budget every week and it works out really well for us! Can't wait for the next one

    • Thank you! That’s why I really enjoy watching other people’s videos I think, they give me ideas of what I could be including in our meal plans every week.

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