Product Review: Paula’s Choice Daily Mineral Complex

Paula’s Choice saves the day, yet again. Summer is right around the corner, and although we should be using facial sunscreen all year round I know many of us only reach for it when the sun is out in full force. If you’re on the hunt for something new in the sunscreen department, this one is definitely is worth checking out. I have oily skin (even more so in the summer), and somehow this manages to mattify my skin. Which is the exact opposite of nearly all the sunscreens I’ve used in the past. It sits under my makeup well, and acts a lot like a primer for me which is really pretty great. It also works well with my sensitive skin, and can be applied around the eye area with no irritation. It soaks into the skin quite quickly, I tend to apply it before putting on body moisturiser and by the time I’m finished with that it’s completely worked it’s way into my face. I’ve tried quite a few facial sunscreens over the years, but this is by far my favourite. The Paula’s Choice Daily Mineral Complex retails for $31 AUD (for 60ml) and is available for purchase online.

7 Thoughts on “Product Review: Paula’s Choice Daily Mineral Complex

  1. Definitely putting this on my to-buy list it sounds wonderful! I love sunscreens that also rock as primers, it makes sense and is so handy

  2. Sounds like another good one. Thanks for tweeting about Paula’s Choice products, because I’m pretty sure that’s how I first heard about the brand. Now I love PC and use quite a few products on a daily basis! 🙂

  3. You’re not “making” me purchase these things, but damn I’m “lemming” hard because of your posts! I want to buy all the Paula’s Choice things!!

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