Planner Sticker Haul

Sticker haulin’ is expensive but oh so fun. I decided to place an order for some new planner sticker goodies, because my stash is starting to run a bit low. Ever since KrissyAnneDesigns moved her store to self-hosting, I’ve found it impossible buy anything because her stock is always sold out. Which is pretty disappointing, because a lot of her basic stickers are my all-time favourites. KarolinasKrafts is also a favourite store of mine, but she’s become so popular that I now have to wait well over a month for a stickers order to arrive. It felt like a good time to source some new planner sticker sellers on Etsy, so this time around I decided to try out Addie and Allie and CustomKeyCreations. Here’s what I ordered this time around –

Colourful Half Box Stickers
Appointment Reminder Stickers (in Cool + Warm)
Rescheduled/Cancelled Stickers (in Cool + Warm)
Scallopped Stickers (in Cool + Warm)