Thoughts of the week…

01) I don’t mean to alarm you, but IKEA has some perfect Christmas wrapping paper in store at the moment. Run, don’t walk.
02) My niece has been staying over this week, and we’ve been watching the old Goosebumps series on Netflix. We even went to the book exchange and picked up some of the books (two of which mysteriously disappeared – too spooky), and I’m even more excited for the movie now.
03) Speaking of Goosebumps, here are 10 Goosebumps stories that will still frighten you as an adult.
04) Would You Rather? with Norman Reedus
05) They’re slowly releasing information about the cast of Twin Peaks, and I am really excited to hear Peter Sarsgaard is on board.
06) Phone Booth with Hugh Jackman and Shaq
07) Taylor Swift Soap Opera with Julianne Moore and John Stamos
08) I have an iPhone 6S! In fact, as I write this blog post I’m waiting for my old phone to back itself up. I wish I did this more often, because it’s really annoying when I get a new phone and have to transfer everything over.
09) Donald Trump in famous horror movie scenes
10) I will finally have some free time next week to start studying… Lets hope this isn’t something I say at the end of every week for the rest of my holidays!