What We’re Watching – Spring 2015

I have a bit more free time now that I’m on holidays, and with that comes more opportunity to watch television. Now that we have Netflix I’m making the most of it and am starting to watch some shows that I’d been putting off watching for a while. Here’s what I’ve been getting stuck into lately –

The Mindy Project – Mindy is back! I was so worried at the end of last season, because it was announced that the show had been cancelled. Thankfully Hulu picked it up for another season, so Mindy is back in my life. I really love this show, it’s one of the only shows on TV at the moment that can make me laugh out loud.

The Walking Dead – I stopped watching this halfway through season four, and had never bothered to pick it back up again (mostly because Sebastian and I had both lost interest). He’s away for work at the moment and I was feeling in the mood for something gritty so I decided to pick up where I left off. This was apparently a good idea, because I managed to marathon-watch one and a half seasons over the course of a few days and I’m well and truly obsessed again. This seems to be the kind of show I prefer to watch when I binge watch it, so I might have to wait until season six has aired in it’s entirety before I start on it. I’ll see how I go.

Friday Night Lights – I watched Varsity Blues recently, and it put me in the mood to watch this show. I’d actually bought this series on DVD a few years ago but never got around to watching it. And of course now we don’t even have a DVD player so that was a bit of a waste, but thankfully it’s available to watch on Netflix. I’m making my way through season one, and I’m loving the whole “small town drama” vibe of the show.

Revenge – I remember one of my girlfriends recommending this to me a little while ago, but I hadn’t made the time to start watching it until recently. I love love love the Hamptons setting of the show, and the storyline is definitely enough to keep me watching. I’m also loving the main character’s wardrobe – definitely some inspiration happening for me there.

3 Thoughts on “What We’re Watching – Spring 2015

  1. Aaron loves to marathon watch The Walking Dead and I have to leave the room. That show is so depressing and offers no hope. I can maybe watch 2 episodes before I need to stop. I’ve been really into iZombie and Friends (of course lol)

  2. JacqLivesHere on October 28, 2015 at 2:06 pm said:

    I’m on a Friday Night Lights marathon too! Currently halfway through season 2 and loving it. I picked it up after getting to the end of season 2 of Nashville (damn Australian Netflix for not having more seasons loaded!) and needed more Connie Britton… plus some Kyle Chandler never goes astray in my books 🙂

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