December Goals

Excuse me while I have a slight panic attack at the fact 2015 is nearly over. Where the heck did this year go? And more importantly, why did my holiday go so quickly?! Not fair. Nevertheless, the months tick on and my goals keep comin’. Here’s how I went with last month’s goals, and a few new ones for December –

November Goals
* Pick a “death row dinners” themed dessert to make for our pot luck dinner party club dinner – I ended up making decadent chocolate brownies and caramel slice. Delicious.
* Weed, tidy, and re-mulch the back garden – My parents and I spent 3 days working on our backyard, and it looks SO much better, I’m so happy with it.
* Cancel an old credit card – Not yet
* Replace the washing machine
* Organize my birthday celebrations
* Write a Christmas shopping list
* Write a Christmas to-do list

December Goals
* Finish the Christmas shopping and get everything wrapped and under the tree
* Finish writing and send out Christmas cards
* Get everything prepped + sorted out for my return to work next month
* Write a packing list for our trip to Adelaide for NYE
* Get back into studying regularly
* Try my hardest to complete the 50 Book Challenge!
* Work out a plan for the front garden of our house

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