Current Gym Routine (update)

A little while ago I shared with you the first gym routine that my trainer had developed for me. I was recently issued my second routine, and I thought I’d share it with you just to keep you all updated on what we’re up to at the gym at the moment. The aim is to start to include both of the routines in my weekly schedule, and gradually add more into the mix as they’re developed for me. Here’s what’s involved in my new routine:

Warm Up – 10 minutes on cross trainer
3 Sets x 15 Reps on Pin Loaded Press (weight is currently at 45kg)
3 Sets x 15 CBX Incline Press (weight is currently at 20kg)
3 Sets x 15 Rev Step Lunge
3 Sets x 15 Seated Row
Wall Squats
3 Sets x 15 Shoulder Press (current weight is 20kg)
3 Sets x 15 Mountain Climber
Cardio – 10 minutes bike (currently at 2:1 ratio inclines of 6/20)
Cool Down + Stretches

2 Thoughts on “Current Gym Routine (update)

  1. Pin load press is so good for your self esteem. 40kgs? Easy!!

    (serious response: I cannot bike. I just can’t. I can treadmill for 30 mins or bike for 60 seconds for the same level of exhaustion. Legs – too – heavy ….)

    • Jessica on January 3, 2016 at 9:28 am said:

      I know, I feel SO STRONG, forgetting that my legs carry around that weight on a daily basis LOL
      I love the bike! I find it much more gentle on my knees than the treadmill, although running is my one true love.

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