May 2016

Well my triumphant return to blogging is not really off to a great start… sorry about that. I managed to cross a couple of things off of my list of goals for April, but didn’t manage to write a post about any of them. We finished painting our house, I kind of participated in the readathon, but life got in the way and we ended up going on a country drive instead (see snapshot above). I have not yet set up our home office, but now that we’re set up with all the storage solutions we need I will hopefully cross that off the list this month. We did go and see Captain America, but it didn’t end up being a full-blown date night as expected, as I was sick and ended up in hospital. Luckily we managed to go back a couple of days later and watch the movie in its entirety. Onwards and upwards I guess, and into the wonderful month of May. We are only 7 months away from Christmas! #hooray Here are my goals for this month-

Goal 1: Take books to the book exchange
Goal 2: Re-do the herb garden in the back yard
Goal 3: Attend a themed pot luck dinner party
Goal 4: Set up the home office