Thoughts Of The Week…

01) I haven’t been purchasing many books recently, because I’ve been focusing on a particularly large savings goal I have. It’s not all bad though, because it’s given me the chance to catch up on all of the ‘nostalgic’ books I hunted down and purchased on ebay earlier in the year. This Sweet Valley University book is one of my all time trashy favourites.
02) Speaking of Sweet Valley, the twins who played Jessica and Elizabeth are now 40, and still more gorgeous than I will ever be.
03) I have to admit, I’ve been sucked into the Olympics this time around. It’s really fun to sit and watch a few minutes while my tea brews in the break room at work in the mornings. But can we talk about how bizarre the dark green diving pool “mystery” is? So weird.
05) This story about a many who found a worm in the packaging of his Tesco cucumber made me laugh.
06) The Stranger Things soundtrack is now available! In other news, if you haven’t watched this show yet – it is time.
07) I’ve had these two playlists on repeat all week. Thanks to Tonile for recommending the first one!
08) I’ve been catching up on Chelsea Wears vlogs this week, and the by-product of this is me spending way too much time investigating Kaylor theories.
09) I have a 20% off voucher for Karolina’s Krafts, and a new planner arriving soon. I think it’s time to treat myself and do a little bit of sticker shopping.
10) This was one of my favourite Olympics-related snippets of the week.

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  1. I’ve been really into the Olympics too, I like being able to turn on the telly and get sucked in immediately to whatever happens to be on! I need to pull out my old Sweet Valley High books, one positive about being a book hoarder is that I still have all of my old books as I could never part with them!

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