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The Sopranos (season two) – This is the show that Sebastian and I are watching together at the moment. Sebastian has never seen the series before, and I have never seen it in its entirety. This show really stands the test of time because it’s still as enjoyable as it was back when I originally watched it. It’s also very binge-worthy, which makes it perfect for us because that’s how we tend to watch TV together. The only problem with this show is that the characters are always eating huge amounts of delicious looking pasta and it makes me hungry.

13 Reasons Why (season one) – I had been meaning to watch this show for a while, so when I was browsing my Netflix to-watch list recently I saw this and decided to give it a go. I’ve left it long enough to get spoiled by what happens in the series, but I am still enjoying watching it all play out. Can we talk about how adorable Ross Butler is as Zach?! So. Cute.

The OC (season one) – This show was a huge part of my late teens/early 20s (my ringtone was even an obnoxiously loud rendition of CALIFOOOORNIAAAAA at one point), so when I saw it on Stan I knew I had to do a full re-watch. I don’t think I ever watched the entire series back in the day, so I’m excited to see what happens. As I mentioned in my Current Podcasts post, I am watching this while simultaneously listening to corresponding podcast episodes and it’s making the re-watch experience so much more enjoyable.

The X Files (season one) – This is one of my all-time favourite shows, and this will be the third or fourth time I’ve re-watched the series. For me, there is no show that possibly comes close to recreating the chemistry between the two main characters on this show. I’m so excited to go through another re-watch of this and rediscover all of my favourite episodes. As with The OC, I am listening to a podcast series alongside this which is making the experience a lot of fun.

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