Reading Goals 2020


2019 was varied in terms of my reading schedule, goals, and what I actually managed to achieve throughout the year. I started off the year with my reading quite structured, but then as time progressed my priorities changed (with an unplanned move and an upheaval at work) and my plans went up in smoke. But as with everything else in my life I am happiest when I have some structure in place and a few goals to work towards. So with that said, here are my reading goals for 2020 –

* Read 50 Books
* Run/Participate in ReadYourFaceOff Book Club
* Participate (fully) in each ReadYourFaceOff Readathon
* Participate (fully) in two Readathons (suggestions welcome!)
* Continue reading and collecting nostalgic books
* Get back into reading comics/graphic novels
* Make time for audiobooks
* Make time to read every day of 2020