Nostalgic Book Haul (June)


Sweet Valley High #33 – Starting Over“Sally Larson is thrilled when she moves in with her cousin Dana’s family. After years of living in foster homes, Sally longs to have a real home, and she’s determined to make a good impression. As long as Sally lets Dana control her life, she feels she’ll be accepted. After all, her cousin is pretty, popular, and the lead singer for the Droids, Sweet Valley High’s smash rock band. Sally even hopes to overcome the resentment of Dana’s brother, Jeremy. But when Dana begins to resent her, too, Sally’s afraid she’ll have to leave–and she knows this is her last chance to make a life for herself. Will Sally ever be able to call Sweet Valley home?”
Sweet Valley University #30 – Beauty and the Beach“Ben Mercer has a big surprise in store for Jessica Wakefield. He’s returning to Sweet Valley Shore–and bringing his supersmart girlfriend, Priya Rahman, along with him. Elizabeth Wakefield is heading back to the beach and straight for the arms of gorgeous head lifeguard Ryan Taylor. But Ryan is hiding something from her–something important. Will Elizabeth’s perfect summer romance be over before it even begins? The last thing Nina Harper wants to do this summer is fall in love. Can Stu Kirkwood, a sweet, sexy surfer, make her change her mind?”
Goosebumps #3 – Monster Blood“While staying with his weird great-aunt Kathryn, Evan visits a funky old toy store and buys a dusty can of monster blood, It’s fun to play with at first. And Evan’s dog, Trigger, likes it so much, he eats some! But then Evan notices something weird about the green slimy stuff it seems to be growing. And growing. And growing. And all that growing has given the monster blood a monstrous appetite…”