Nostalgic Book Haul (November)


Sweet Valley High #27 – Lovestruck“No one at Sweet Valley High can believe that football star Ken Matthews has fallen in love with super-sophisticated Suzanne Hanlon. Suzanne likes poetry, gourmet food, and art films, while Ken’s idea of a good time is listening to rock ‘n’ roll and eating pizza. Two people couldn’t be more different. Elizabeth Wakefield knows that snobbish Suzanne is wrong for Ken. But Ken seems to be blindly in love with Suzanne and is willing to do anything she wants. Can anyone help Ken come to his senses before he gets hurt”
Sweet Valley University #24 – His Secret Past“Jessica Wakefield has hooked up with the perfect guy. Nick Fox is sexy, smart, and dangerous. And just like her, he lives for excitement. Jessica knows Nick has secrets to spare – and she’s determined to find out every last one! Elizabeth Wakefield is worried about her boyfriend, Tom Watts. His twenty-first birthday is just a few days away, and he’s depressed that he doesn’t have a family to help him celebrate. Elizabeth’s sure the surprise party she’s planning will cheer him up – but will her gift be more than he can handle? Celine Boudreaux is back at SVU and determined to make a splash with the most exclusive sorority on campus. Celine will do anything to get into Thetas – even if it’s illegal…”
Sweet Valley High #47 – You’re Not My Sister“Elizabeth Wakefield isn’t the caring, sensitive sister she used to be. She tried to be nice. She tried to be sympathetic. But all the sweetness in the world couldn’t shake her twin, Jessica, out of her depression. Elizabeth thinks Jessica needs a heavy dose of tough love. But how tough is too tough? Will she push Jessica over the edge… and lose her forever? Jessica Wakefield has no one left to turn to. Her sorority and college have expelled her. Her twin sister has practically disowned her. Her parents are treating her like she’s a helpless child. She wants to end it all… but something keeps urging her to hold on. Is she imagining things or could Nick Fox still be alive?”
Sweet Valley University #48 – No Rules“What’s the wildest contest ever? California’s Coast-to-Coast Road Trip Challenge–and it’s putting $5,000 scholarships in the winners’ pockets! Elizabeth is beyond psyched when she’s picked to compete. Her teammates totally rock–except for slacker supreme Sam Burgess. He’s cocky, egotistical, and party-crazy. The kind of guy Elizabeth hates… falling in love with. Jessica Wakefield can’t believe she’s stuck on the same road-trip as Tom Watts and Todd Wilkins! How repulsive. Her only salvation is gorgeous Neil Martin. He’s witty, sophisticated, intelligent, and best of all, single. Jessica’s dying to have her wicked way with him. What could possibly stop her?”
Sweet Valley University #49 – Stranded“Jessica Wakefield can’t believe her road-trip teammates would actually ditch her. Now she’s stuck in the middle of nowhere with no money, no clothes, and no wheels! Can she depend on the kindness of strangers to get on the road again? Elizabeth Wakefield feels something strong for teammate Sam Burgess–love or hate, she’s not sure. When she finds out the real reason he’s competing, her feelings burn out of control. Tom Watts and Todd Wilkins are freaking. How could they accidentally leave Jessica behind? They’re sure their team will get disqualified… and Elizabeth will have them both killed. Can they put aside their differences long enough to track down the wayward Wakefield?”