Birthday Book Haul

The wonderful Riley was kind enough to send me a lil Amazon gift card for my birthday this year, and I had so much fun spending it. I managed to find a bunch of Sweet Valley University books that are almost impossible to find here in Australia. It’s so exciting for me to find these, it would have taken me years otherwise. I am one step closer to finalising my collection! Here is what I picked up:



Sweet Valley University #28 – Elizabeth’s Heartbreak“Tom Watts has found the perfect woman. Talented, intelligent, and a total knockout, Dana Upshaw is everything a guy could want. But can she ever live up to Tom’s passion-filled memories of ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Wakefield? Gin-Yung Suh is keeping a fatal secret from boyfriend Todd Wilkins. The only way she can protect him is to keep him wrapped up in the arms of his first love, Elizabeth. But can Gin-Yung bear losing her love and her life? The women of SVU are posing for a calendar to raise money for the homeless, and Jessica Wakefield is desperate to be one of the 12 women picked. How far will she go to be Miss April, May, or June?”

Sweet Valley University #37 – Breaking Away“Is this the beginning of the end? Elizabeth Wakefield is leaving SVU! She and Scott Sinclair have been accepted to a journalism program that will take her far away from Sweet Valley… possibly forever. Does Elizabeth really want to go? Or is she hoping that someone will stop her? Jessica Wakefield will do anything to keep her twin sister from leaving SVU – including impersonating her! Is Jessica good enough to fool Tom Watts into believing he and Elizabeth still have a chance? The last thing Dana Upshaw wants to see is Tom and Elizabeth back together. She knows Scott feels exactly the same way. When these two schemers hook up, will every last lingering feeling between Tom and Elizabeth be destroyed?”

Sweet Valley University #50 – Summer Of Love“A $5,000 scholarship is just a mission away, but Elizabeth Wakefield would rather win Sam Burgess’s love. Impossible–since Sam’s girlfriend is waiting for him at the finish line. Well, Elizabeth hasn’t come this far for nothing. She’s going to show Sam how strong she really is… even if it kills her. The final straw? Jessica Wakefield has had it! Her team does nothing but argue, she hasn’t hooked up with anyone, and her final mission involves facing one of her biggest fears. Will she abandon her team at the last minute? Tom Watts and Todd Wilkins–best buddies? Absolutely! Angered by Sam’s treatment of Elizabeth, they’re ready to fight for her–unless they wind up fighting over her instead!”

Sweet Valley University #54 – Rush Week“Everyone knows Chloe is a shoo-in for Theta… at least that’s what she thinks. Elizabeth can’t wait for her next date with Finn… but might not be so enthused if she knew what he really wanted. Todd’s suddenly single… too bad that campus girls aren’t into townies. Nina trades studying for partying… but finds snoozing in class isn’t much fun.”

Sweet Valley University #58 – The Dreaded Ex“Chloe doesn’t care that her ex is dating her best friend… so why is she jealous? Elizabeth wants lying, cheating Sam out of the duplex… but will her housemates vote against her? Todd’s trying to impress the girl of his dreams… too bad nothing he says is true.”

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