Nostalgic Book Haul (August)


Sweet Valley University #55 – The First Time“Finn thinks it’s time for Elizabeth to prove her feelings… but Sam knows it’s time she ditched Dr. Cool. Nina’s new guy is way more enticing than 9 a.m. calculus… but can she blow off class again? Neil’s falling in love… but Jessica thinks he’s making a big mistake. Chloe likes Theta’s zany pledge requirements… until she’s told to betray her best friend.”
Sweet Valley University Thriller Edition #10 – Channel X“When Nina Harper and Bryan Nelson see the sign, they think it’s too good to be true. All they have to do is watch television with electrodes strapped to their heads, some guy takes notes, and Nina and Bryan get paid. It’s a cinch. But nobody tells them about the side effects. Nobody tells them that every student who takes part in the experiment changes–really changes. At first the students’ behavior turns a little weird, then it gets disturbing. Before long it grows horribly, brutally violent. Nina seems safe from the side effects–for now. But will she be safe from the vicious attacks sweeping the campus… and from Bryan?”
Sweet Valley University Thriller Edition #10 – Face It“For three thousand miles, Jessica’s trapped in a car with Elizabeth and her boyfriend, Sam. A guy she totally can’t stand! Like this cross-country adventure will really bring them all closer. Drive them further apart is more like it. But Jessica does get close to someone in that car. And Elizabeth goes farther away than anyone ever imagined…”