September Wrap Up – Movies



F9 – We will always watch a new Fast & Furious movie, no matter how ridiculous the concept is. When a friend told us about seeing the trailer for this and thinking “wow, Ludacris in space!” I knew that we would love this stupid movie. And we did, it was a lot of fun and exactly what we’ve come to know & expect from this film franchise.
A Quiet Place 2 – I really loved the first film in this series, and this second film lived up to my expectations based on how much I enjoyed the first. The concept of this horror is so cool and authentic, and I really enjoy knowing there is no way I could possibly survive in this world.
Secrets of the Saqqara Tomb – A friend of mine at work has her masters in Archaeology and recommended this documentary to me. Having recently watched The Mummy, I was absolutely in the mood to watch more about ancient Egyptian archaeological digs. This was a fascinating watch, a bit of a rollercoaster to watch the dig play out under the deadline, and was especially interesting learning about techniques of the different specialists in their field of expertise.
The Craft: Legacy – The original Craft film is one of my all-time favourite movies, so I was excited to see how I felt about this reboot. I’m happy to say I loved it. It didn’t have the same grittiness as the original, but I enjoyed it, loved the diversity in the cast, and was really impressed by the main actress Cailee Spaeny’s performance. This is definitely worth a watch if you were a fan of the original, or you’re just in the mood for something fun and spooky for spooky season.
Friday the 13th – I kicked off my spooky season horror movie watching in September, and decided to start with a classic – the original Friday the 13th. This was more of a comedy than a horror movie, it was borderline ridiculous, but I respect it’s origins and the impact of this franchise on the genre of horror in general.
Happier Than Ever – I love Billie Eilish, so this was an automatic must-watch for me. This was such a beautiful way to see her album played out, and the addition of the children’s choir was a particularly beautiful moment for me. I love this album, and I loved having the opportunity to see it presented like this.
The Matrix – There is a new Matrix movie being release this year, so I thought it would be a good idea to re-watch the originals in preparation. I have vivid memories of watching this film as a teenager, and it’s amazing to watch it now and realise how many pop culture references it inspired.
The Matrix: Reloaded – I don’t have as many memories tied to this film as the first one, however it was still a fun re-watch, and still stood the test of time as far as storytelling goes (CGI and graphics maybe not so much). It felt like there was less storytelling and more gratuitous action in this compared to the original, which I didn’t love. Overall it was a good time.

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