2023 Bucket List

I had grand plans at the beginning of 2022. I intended on making it so much better than the previous couple of years, both of which seemed to fly by in a pandemic daze. And it really was an okay sort of year. We moved into our new house, we spent a lot of down time relaxing, and we even managed an interstate trip without either of us catching Covid. But then, of course, we both managed to catch it one random weekend a month or so later, and I developed a back injury which has restricted my ability to move around normally. So if I’ve learnt anything from the past few years it’s that I’m probably not going to tick everything off this list. There is always going to be something that comes up along the way. I don’t want to set lofty goals for the year, I think at this point I’d be happy with a few big ticket items and a lot of time spent doing the things I enjoy.

Here’s what I’m hoping to achieve in 2023:

▷ Make efforts to cure my burnout
▷ Go to the Singapore Grand Prix
▷ Work on rehabilitating my back
▷ Finish setting up / decorating the new house
▷ Spend less of my free time on social media
▷ Rediscover my creativity
▷ Get a puppy (?)
▷ Spend more time at the beach
▷ Read at least 50 books