January Book Haul

The Accident by Katie McMahon – “All it takes is a spilt second for everything to change forever. Imogen has always wanted to be a doctor, but the pressure of her job is slowly cracking her fragile mental state; her infatuation with an old flame twisting into something darker. Grace has her hands full as a vet and a harried mother to a recovering anorexic teenager. But when circumstances force her daughter to change school, Grace’s carefully-hidden secrets are threatened with exposure. Zoe, a teacher, is blissfully in love with her new boyfriend, but his old school friend, Imogen, still seems to be obsessed with him… and now her… All it takes is one fateful accident to change all their lives forever. Or was it an accident at all?”

Wildflowers by Peggy Frew – “Meg and Nina have been outshone by their younger sister Amber since childhood. They have become used to living on the margins of their parents’ interest, used to others turning away from them and towards charismatic Amber. But Amber’s life has not gone the way they all thought it would, and now the three of them are together for the first time in years, on the road to a remote holiday rental in Far North Queensland, where Meg and Nina plan on helping Amber overcome her addiction. As good intentions gradually become terrifying reality, these sisters will test the limits of love and the line between care and control.”

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