January Book Haul – Nostalgic Books

Sweet Valley High #84 – The Stolen Diary“Todd Wilkins has decided that he and Elizabeth Wakefield should start dating other people. At her twin sister Jessica’s urging, Elizabeth accepts a date with handsome Kris Lynch, a cartoonist for The Oracle. After a few dates with Kris, Elizabeth is more certain than ever that she’d rather be with Todd, and Todd is realizing that he made a mistake-he still loves Elizabeth, too. Elizabeth tells Kris she can’t go out with him anymore, and that’s when the trouble begins. Rumors about Elizabeth spread throughout Sweet Valley High. It’s up to Jessica to find out who’s behind the gossip before it’s too late.”

Sweet Valley High #90 – Don’t Go Home With John“John Pfeifer, handsome sports editor for The Oracle, is suddenly showing a lot of interest in popular Sweet Valley High junior Lila Fowler. Lila’s never dated a guy like John before serious, intense, and super smart and she’s definitely interested. When John finally asks her out, Lila can hardly wait for their first date. But the evening turns sour when John tries to take things too far. Though Lila manages to get away without getting hurt, she’s too embarrassed to tell anyone what happened. When John crashes Lila’s long-planned costume party, Lila blurts out the whole story to her guests. Now all of Sweet Valley High knows about Lila’s dangerous date, and everyone has an opinion about who’s responsible. The school has become a jury. Will they find John guilty? Or Lila?”

Sweet Valley High #91 – In Love With A Prince“When Elizabeth Wakefield announces that her long-time pen pal, Prince Arthur of Santa Dora, is coming to Sweet Valley for a visit, everyone’s excited about meeting him-except for Dana Larson, lead singer of Sweet Valley’s favorite band, the Droids. Dana thinks the only place for royalty is in the history books-until she actually gets to know Prince Arthur, and the sparks begin to fly! Soon Dana and the Prince have fallen in love. Then Arthur suddenly asks Dana to marry him, and she faces the most serious decision of her life. Dana knows she’s too young to get married to anyone, much less the Prince of Santa Dora. But if she says no, she might lose him forever.”